Procurement Of Scientific Equipments 1.01 Gasoline Analyzer 1.02 Reciprocal Shaker 1.03 Electonic Balance 1.04 X-Ray Fluorescent 1.05 Spectral Compaartor For Document Extraction 1.06 Multi Purpose Digital Shaker 1.07 Gratory 3D Mixer 1.08 Vortex Mixer 1.09 Digital Oven 1.1 Microtome 1.11 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer And Accessories 1.12 Double Beam Uv Visible Spectrophotometer 1.13 Uv Vis Pc Control Spectrophotometer 1.14 Inverted Computerized Microscope 1.15 Ultra Pure Water Purification System 1.16 Upright Epi - Fluorescence Microscope With Digital Cooled Ccd Camera 1.17 Upright Microscope With All Accessories 1.18 Microscope With All Accessories 1.19 Automatic Dna Isolation Machine 1.2 Digital Densitometer With Auto Sampler For Alcohol And Unknown Samples

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August 29, 2017

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