Bids Are Invited For Dish Plate Large , Pure Silver Medal , Gold Plated Medal Gpm , Silver Plated Medal Spm , Bronze Plated Medal Bpm , Rosewood Batons Spl , Fitments On Rosewood Batons , Trophy Cup Shape , Ribbon Ncc Colour , Blank Medals , Special Prizes , Join Winners , Runner Up , Fancy Letters , Simple Letters , Repair Polishing Of Flag Pole , Repair Polishing Of Ashoka Emblem , Repair Polishing Of Silver Tray , Trophies Repair Polishing Maintenance Cleaning , Cup Repair Polishing Maintenance Cleaning , White Leather Belt , Silver Polished Ashoka Emblem Made In White Metal , Tray Cloth Red Colour , Silver Tray , Flag Pole Made In Wood And Metal , Prize Cell Table Made In Light Wood And Light Iron , Best Commander Pm Rally Total Quantity : 36039

Tender Notice


Department Of Defence



November 23, 2023

Key Value

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